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my bro wants to share mis moosics with you, watch dem, enjoy dem. please like and sub if you like! X3…
my bro wants to share mis moosics with you, watch dem, enjoy dem. please like and sub if you like! X3…

La'ce ref by Foxbat-Sullavin
La'ce ref
my new sona/character La'ce
he is part of a closed species i own called snukey's. ^^

Physical description:

All have a body-type of a lean and somewhat thin musculature, and have a long torso. Their face resembles that of short snouted serpents from Earth. Each Snukey’s fur consists of colors and patterns similar to that of serpentines on Earth; although, there are instances of “morph” colors within the species. The Snukey species is very ambiguous in appearance as there aren’t features that separate the males from females, because each and every one of them has both sexes. Their tails are typically 5-6 feet long and their height reaches from 6-7 feet tall at maturity. All have five digits on each hand and foot both of which consist of four fingers and a thumb. This enables their ability to grab for both hands and feet. The talons upon each digit are 2-3 inches in length, and the ears are low set behind the jaw, and are sometimes used in body language scenarios with others. Each Snukey has both fangs and constrictor teeth. Each fang is about 2-3 inches long and is used to inject toxins into others. Also, kept within the mouth is a forked tongue not only used for smelling, but also tasting, and for speech. 

Uses for certain body parts:

* Fangs: inject a toxin to numb its victim’s body. This toxin isn’t fatal, but lasts for about a couple hours.
* Constrictor teeth: To hold onto prey during strangulation or consumption.
* Tail: Used to strangulate prey.
* Talons: Meant to shred into prey as well at dig into harsh terrain to gather fruit.
* Tongue: Smelling, tasting, and used for body language.
* Ears: Hearing and body language.
Digits on hands and feet: Allows for grabbing onto prey or tools with both feet and hands.

Everyday life of a Snukey:

Snukey’s are a nature-bound; yet civilized species that lives in small groups or tribes. However, their pecking order is still unknown (under further discussion as of now, please keep in tune for more information on species’ habitual behavior and culture).
snukey by Foxbat-Sullavin
another little gift for my girlfriend, this time something traditional, something im a little rusty with. ^^'
my bro wants to share mis moosics with you, watch dem, enjoy dem. please like and sub if you like! X3…



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United States
hey, welcome to my profile page, please feel free to critique my work if you like, i enjoy getting feedback. :3

100% straight male furry, as if it wasnt abvious 100 years ago. XD
dont care what anyone else says, i love what i love. ;3 anyways, i love you all, stay amazing! ^^

my awesome and caring friends. ^^
:iconatroquine: :iconbakapup: :iconcanis-ferox: :icondetrah: :iconwhitefoxcub: :iconmoonsongwolf: :iconhecatehell: :iconnettlebeast: :iconcunningfox: :iconmutedmutt: :iconximneri: :icondarkwolfartist: :iconkovowolf: :iconpagerda: :iconstiir: :icontwigking: :iconsunnycat17: :iconodragonloveo: :icono0cookieconundrum0o: :iconodiemae:

what is a furry? let me explain. ^^
a furry, is someone who likes anthropomorphic animals and has a character representing themself that is an anthropomorphic animal, anthropomorphic animal meaning animals with humanistic traits, for example, bugs bunny, mickey mouse, Donald duck. for any questioning about sexual things, furries are like anyone else, they sometimes have sex, its there choice, that doesnt mean they do it in a fricken costume either you perverted minded creeps.
the fursuiters (people in costume) are there to entertain, and make people smile (not all furries dress up tho, there are allot of furries that dont dress up in suit and are there just to have fun). ^^
furries, from what ive known of them, seeing as alost every friend ive had (online as i dont have many RL friends) are very excepting, fun people, i cant speak for all because there still human after all, but the ones ive met, dont care if your atheist, religious, straight, gay, lesbian, bi, ect. and are very caring, at furry conventions, like anthrocon, they donate HUGE amounts to many different charities, and i mean HUGE! you may find us furries odd because dressing up as an animal is odd (which it kinda is, but thats what makes it fun) but i have to say i am HONORED to be around these amazing people and to be apart of the furry fandom.

to better describe what furries are like, watch this video.

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